What is manifesting?

Manifesting is when you use your thoughts to co-create the world that you live in.

Manifesting happens anyway. What this means is that whether you are in the awareness of the fact that you are manifesting or not, your world is a manifestation of the thoughts that exist in your mind.

Picture your mind as a bountiful garden; one that reflects the results of your work. The less you work on your garden, the more chaotic it appears and in the same way, the more you tend to the garden of your mind, the more pleasant your life becomes, allowing you to have a blissful experience, right here, right now.

You are what you think.

There is nothing really good or bad about the image that you have created in your life, it’s just an image, because in hindsight, everything that has happened is already gone. It’s part of history. It no longer exists, yet the only way to keep it alive is to hold onto the memory from the past.

In the same way, we don’t have anything in the future either; it will come in time. Many times we find ourselves worrying about something that has happened in the past, or something that may happen in the future, not realizing that you’re worrying over things that have already happened and entered the abyss of history, or else, a possible outcome in the future.

Knowing and coming into the complete understanding that we are powerful creative forces projecting a reflection into the world around us leads us to taking full responsibility. The sooner we come to the understanding that we are at the core of what is happening in our worlds, the easier it is to start manifesting a different story.

Changing the story

Our lives are a collection of stories. These are the stories that we often find ourselves sharing with people. I’m talking about the thing that gets too much to bare, so much so that we have to share it with our dearest or even a professional. This becomes our story.

Proof of this can also be found in the many spiritual teachings. In the teachings in the Bible, John 1:1 states, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. We are creating with our mouths, on a daily basis, through our words. We are speaking our lives and experiences into reality. These words are borne in our thoughts. Therefore, our thoughts are things. Our lives are a manifestation of our thoughts.

Life is a reflection

If the above statement holds true, then life is merely an impression of some thinking pattern that exists in the mind. We have manifested situations to show us where we are with the development within ourselves. Once again, we work from a place of non-judgement – it simply is what it is. Once this is understood; and we assume full responsibility, the awareness brings about a sense of peace. This sense of peace comes from the knowledge that we are able to manifest whatever it is we wish

We get stuck on a story from the past, we keep retelling it, then we recreate it as we speak it into being. Think about the fact that we bring about similar situations, cycle after cycle, until we actually realize that we’re at the centre of it all. For a moment, think about the types of partners that we attract, or the financial situations that we manifest. Different people manifest different things, according to what they have learnt from the influences around them.

What if I am manifesting nothing?

Well, this means that you are using your ability to manifest nothing. We live in an incredibly abundant universe! Take a look at the oceans, the mountains, the skies, the trees and their leaves, the grains of sand and the amount of people and the stretches of land and on and on… Even if we take a look at the amount of cars, homes and even money; it certainly is an abundant universe.

If you are dealing with a shortage of any kind in your life, then it is clear that you have managed to manifest an abundance of lack. Basically, you are showing yourself the magic of your mind, and it reflects it right back at you. When we think about the amount of people that are starving on the planet, and we compare it to the amount of food that we waste on a daily basis, it really doesn’t add up. There is enough food on the planet to feed everyone.

According to the World Food Program USA, ” Global hunger isn’t about a lack of food. Right now, the world produces enough food to nourish every man, woman and child on the planet.” You and I both know that when we have manifested a lack of money, it really isn’t the case for everyone that we know, as we may have friends, family or acquaintances that do have money at the same time that we’ve had none. There is enough money in the world.

It is an abundant universe!

And it truly is a glorious world we are in.

It’s not really always the sweetest thing to hear, but it happens to be one of the most liberating messages. We take full responsibility for the state of our lives, because in reality, we only have the current moment. This is the only thing that we can work on. We are able to change our perspectives on matters in our lives, which in turn, changes the way we feel about things that have happened in the past, impacting the direction we take. When we are able to feel happy everyday, then life does not have any choice but to bring about more happy experiences as you move through life.

Merely a matter of shifting perspectives.

To work with your perspective, the first thing to note is that you are a Great Soul, having a human experience. Keep in mind that your human experience comes to an end someday, and even though I don’t want to be morbid, it’s the reality. We will all eventually die, so why not take advantage and enjoy the time we have to spend on this planet.

At the point of conception, there were millions of sperms that wished to make it. Some sources say 3 million, and others say 100 million, but the point that I’m trying to make is that you have rocked up as a champion. If you ever feel that you’re a loser, just think back to the fact YOU were the ONE that made it. You are here to experience life on earth, why not make it a glorious experience? In this way, life is a very very precious gift.

When you take a quick look at one of the more painful experiences from your past, for example, a toxic relationship – in hindsight, we manifested that situation or person in our worlds in order to help us learn to say no to a certain type of treatment; helping us grow stronger and wiser. These people or situations have come in to serve as teachers – as if we have requested certain lessons on a soul level, in order to progress. These characters are only playing a role, and the benefit is the blessing of the growth that has come. They have come into our lives to reflect how we feel about ourselves, and also allowed us the opportunity to change what we manifest going forward.

It doesn’t mean that it hurts any less when these situations happen, it’s just that we can see the gift of the situation; the growth that aspired from the experience. Then we see that beneficial role the person has played in our lives. It’s often the harder situations that offer our biggest lessons. We see clear images of how we feel about ourselves and through the heartache we also get caught up in trying to understand what went wrong, allowing us the opportunity to experience life to the full.

Knowing that a lot of the chaos of the past was created by source deep within, it offers us the opportunity to go within in order to bring about better situations.

The Manifesting Possibilities blog is here to work with exactly that; how to impact your experience on the planet in order to live a better life. There are a number of ways that you can move into intentional manifestation and this blog will assist with practical steps to do so.

The great thing to know here is that you are doing it anyway, so it’s not even something that you need to learn from scratch, it’s something that you are already doing fervently, just that you need to tweak it a bit.

Coming back to the fertile garden of your mind; whether you tend to it or not, something is bound to take root and grow. If you are not careful with what you are planting into your mind, then there may be unwanted thoughts and situations. This blog looks at how to manifest better experiences in life through the use of our thoughts, words and actions.

My sincere hope is that you find something valuable in the articles on this website and that it may help you on your journey forward.

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